We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, refuse to vote for two candidates that do not have our respect, share our values, and believe that government is for them and not for the people and by the people.

We have been given a choice between corrupt evil or asinine evil. Which to chose? None.  Please do not argue the lesser evil because evil is evil and you do have a choice other that them but the press and the establishment does want you to even think of those others since they are not in their pocket.

Our society is not based on loyalty to either the Republican party nor the Democratic party and especially to corporation but to the Republic and the constitution. We have a responsibility to our country to elect people that have the people’s best interest at heart and not their own.  Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump obviously are severely lacking in genuine empathy for the people.  They view the white house as a tool and a trophy for them. A position for them to attain and to use to make their mark in history and reward their ambition for power and feed their narcissism. They will not hesitate one second to abuse their power for themselves or for their friends as they have in the past.

We the people have a choice and more than one. We can vote for the green party candidate, or the libertarian party and you can even write a name of your choosing in most states. Yes you can. I would suggest voting for anyone but Clinton and Trump at least your conscious will be clear for if either one is elected a disaster will soon follow.