Sorry I couldn’t help myself with the title but seriously Secretary Clinton has a beef with Johnson. I apologize again for going there. Clinton surrogates, MSNBC has been on the offensive trying to ridicule libertarian presidential candidate Johnson. MSNBC has been attacking Johnson for not knowing what Aleppo was and no being able to name a single foreign leader he admires. In his defense they are politicians just like ours so we could argue people shouldn’t admire them as well. Heck do all their citizens admire them?

CNN, another Clinton surrogate, also came out with the following article ( very prominently titled: “Why is Gary Johnson still in the race?”. Really CNN, you couldn’t water down a little your overly enthusiastic support for Hillary Clinton just a tad. I have never seen CNN be so biased. Just check out some of the stuff they said:

“The Libertarian presidential candidate is the subject of intensifying ridicule

“The gaffes, combined with his failure to make the debate stage and his infinitesimal chance of winning the White House”

Ouch. The worse thing this is not an opinion piece but one from Stephen Collinson who according to CNN is: “is a senior enterprise reporter for CNN Politics, covering the 2016 presidential campaign and politics across the United States and around the world.” I thing CNN should strike the word “reporter” from the profile.

So why all these attacks? The Clinton campaign is obviously worried that the race has tightened and any vote for Johnson or Stein could cost her the election. Her campaign and surrogates are going to do everything possible to tarnish, ridicule, and crush third parties in order to secure a victory in November. She is going against a moron with a big mouth that can’t himself and she is polling at a  statistical tie.  Just think about that for a second. She is perceived as being  corrupt, unlikable, and untrustworthy that even against Donald Trump she is neck and neck with her. Her campaign is so worried that earlier today she said:

“Either Donald Trump or I will be the President of the United States,…”  “People have to look carefully in making their decision. It will be either him or me.”

This was a clear message to all that Johnson or Stein should not be even considered. For me that is insulting to the American voter. I will vote for who I want and not based on who I think could or could not win.

Some of you might just be convinced that a vote for Johnson or Stein is a vote for Trump but let me paint you another picture. If Gary Johnson can carry his home state of New Mexico and and Clinton/Trump split votes and none achieve 270 electoral votes then no one can win the election. If that could happen then that will be the ultimate ups yours to the Democratic and Republican party. Just one state could send a powerful message that our democracy is not for sale. It’s a long shot but statistically possible since Johnson was a popular former governor of New Mexico and Ohio/Florida could go to Trump both states are too close to call.

With no winner the vote goes to the Congress with each state having 1 vote. Who ever wins the vote in the House of Representatives will undoubtedly  have very little support from the people and then maybe our democracy will flourish  by moving away from an artificially created two party system.