The President appeared last night on a town square to make his case once more on how we should not let 9-11 victims sue Saudi Arabia. I for once am proud that this dysfunctional Congress has been able to muster up bipartisan support and overturn the President’s veto. At least they did one thing right this year, heck probably this decade.

Mr. President you claim that it is wrong to allow the victims of the worse attack on American soil take to court the government of Saudi Arabia. Your logic is based on the idea that if we let them sue then others can sue the United States for its actions around the world. This logic is erroneous. We have let other victims of terrorist attacks sue other countries and seize their assets held in the United States. I am of course referring to the case against Iran and the $2 billion dollar award given to the victims and relatives of 1983 bombing of the U.S. Marine Corps barracks in Beirut Lebanon.  If your argument against the 9-11 victims was so compelling and vital to national security then you would have argued against that case as well. The Pandora box was opened with the Iran judgement and nothing happened. No other country followed suit.  Your argument with all due respect is null and void.

Victims are victims. It does not matter that the perpetrators of a vial act of terrorism were supported and financed by a foe versus a friend.  I would point out that it is even more despicable since this would imply betrayal from an ally who we have been defending for over 60 years.

A second argument that has been passed around by some politicians and TV commentators is that Saudi Arabia could retaliate and pull its vast amount of money out of the United States and out of US Treasury Bills. Well to that I say let them. Where will they go with that money? They have invested that wealth here and not there for a purpose (much of it to hide it from their own people).  They also could stop buying weapons from us which I think is a big joke since the princes get huge kickbacks from those sales. Some will point to the fact that they have been buying a lot weapons from Europe lately but that is more about buying support and cover for their disastrous policies in Yemen and Syria. They know at the end of the day that we are the ones that are going to defend them militarily and not the Europeans therefore retaliation is not an option.

I must point out that 16 out of the 19 hijackers on September 11 were Saudis. The newly declassified papers from the 9-11 commission clearly point to assistance and financing from individuals directly linked to the Saudi government and Saudi Embassy in United States.  If the evidence points to Saudi involvement then let the victims have their day in court. If it does not, then Saudi Arabia has nothing to fear from a US court. Let the victims and their families have their peace and their justice. This country owes them this much.