Recently we have been seeing a lot of oinking around about how Republican nominee Donald Trump is a sexist and fat shames women. Some of these stories are true and he is a sexists and he should be ashamed of himself but lets not accept every story as true and slap everything on him.  During the debate, Secretary Hillary Clinton  set of a fire storm using allegations  that Mr. Trump called a former beauty queen Miss Piggy due to the fact that according to many reporters “she gained a few pounds”.

I do believe that calling someone “Miss Piggy” is not politically correct and uncalled for. But this story has a twist and shows how our press cannot be called the press for their bias.  Alicia Machado was actually a Miss Universe contestant and winner. She proudly represented her country of Venezuela in 1996 and was crowned Miss Universe. After her coronation, she gained not a few pounds as described in the current press but 50 to 60 pounds. A few would be 5 to 15 pounds.

As a Miss Universe contestant she signed a contract to represent the crown and fulfill her duties that included public appearances and marketing/promotional events. She was given a contract with Kellogg that featured her on their cereal boxes in her home country of Venezuela.  Kellogg was not too happy and had to Photoshop her body on their boxes and decided not to renew her contract because of her weight.

The press at that time did not feel very obligated and ashamed to point out that she had gained a lot of weight. I submit this article from cnn at the time to showcase the rudeness of their reporting:

CNN taught it was funny then to title the article “Expanding Miss Universe works to shed pounds”. Where are the apologizes from cnn and other news organizations for their demeaning words and fat shaming then and now? But even worse is how the press turns around 20 years later and only reports half the story.   No reports from major news agencies have looked into to the story with any depth and accept Secretary Clinton’s  story as true.  The funniest thing was actually CNN posting an old video from 1997 that actually makes Mr. Donald trump look good.  In this video Mr. Trump said that travel and tress can lead some to eat in her defense. Instead of stripping her of her crown, as some suggested, he got her in the gym to work out and help her lose weight and keep her crown. At one of these gym sessions he organized, he defended her again and pointed out that some in the press corps .  If this was the case of weight discrimination then he would have publicly shamed her and stripped her of her crown. Check out the this video from the work out session back in 1997:

Facts must be presented and all the facts not just those that suit the narrative of some. Secretary Clinton’s attack on Donald Trump was not accurate and left out the fact that he helped her retain the crown and continue on as a model and an actress. At the end of the day, this was another one of those diversions for the public, wasting our time on nonsense instead of talking about the debt, Syria, immigration, low interest rates risk, low wages, slow economy, poor infrastructure, etc etc.

I will end by saying that both candidates are despicable and should be ashamed of even wanting to earn our vote and represent the people of this great nation in the oval office. The White House is too important and too respectable of an office to be tarnished by either one of these individuals.

PS I truly believe that reporters no longer have a dictionary next to their desks. How it is possible to have a tirade on twitter? 3 or 4 twits at 140 characters each is impossible to call a tirade. But please, fake press, please continue to not talk about policy and real issues. Please continue treating us like sheep and making us  believe that the election is only about and between Trump and Clinton instead about us and our country.