Democrats are cheering the Republican party imploding but they will soon weep since this carefully crafted and money driven political system only works if you have a facade of a 2 party system. The entire political system is imploding with the revelations of Wikileaks emails and having a guy like Trump actually.

Story after story, leak after leak are showing a direct link between the DNC, the Clinton campaign, and the media. All three colluded to undermine the Sanders campaign. Now of course Sanders has been a good soldier and has fallen in line and will disregard all these stories and facts but what about his supporters? Do you think the millennials are going to vote again after the Sanders fiasco? Not only have they been disillusioned by the way the system has worked to destroy their beliefs but their own man has betrayed them at the end for God knows what perks. Maybe a cushy job after retirement? A new lake house? We will ever know but will fuel the conspiracy stories and either way these millennials sander supporters are no longer democrats.

On the Republican side we already had a split between the establishment and the partially Koch brother controlled and funded tea party. Then Trump happened.  A guy that came basically came out of nowhere, with no political carrier, no big donors, and not in line with the establishment or the Koch brothers. What happened? The tea party, the evangelicals, the middle of the country and the poor and uneducated (70% of the country) jumped ship and ran to Trump. By the way this would not have been possible if it wasn’t for Hillary Clinton running for president. If she had not run, Trump would have had no chance and the current situation averted. The result a civil war according to the media but I rather call it a revolution since the masses rose up against the few at the top. If and when Trump loses who do you think the base (the masses) are going to blame? Trump? Nope they will blame the Republican party and will believe even more that the system is rigged and their vote in undermined by the elites and the establishment. The election is historical but not for the same reasons the pundits are saying.

History will not be kind to Hillary Clinton or Trump. They will be blamed for the destruction of the political system. So what will the big donors and the people that pull the strings going to do? Well if your money and influence is being threatened then you pull it from the establish parties (Dems/Republicans) and use it to high jack the growing discontented.  The next decade is going to be very interesting and sadly dangerous. As other countries question our influence around the world and with political chaos  at home, I fear that we will react with nationalism and more idiotic adventures overseas to stem the bleeding.  Politicians are politicians no matter the century no matter the civilization and that is why history repeats itself.