We managing to shoot ourselves in the foot at every turn in Syria.  Turkey and their FSA puppets in the north have launched an offensive not against Daesh but against the YPG and the SDF (Allies of the US against Daesh). The YPG and the SDF have basically been abandoned and betrayed by the United States and will eventually run to the welcoming arms of Assad and the Russians. Several villages around Marea in northern Syria have been bombed and attacked by the Turkish Air Force and by the FSA.

The United States was either out foxed by President Erdogan of Turkey or, as many have said privately and Russia publicly, that the United States no longer has any control over Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This leaves the entire Syrian conflict in the hands of Russia to do what ever it wants.  Russia can now point to US inconsistent policy in one day fighting Daesh and on another allowing Turkey to bomb the YPG which Washington has called the only effective force against Daesh.   If anyone was still considering the FSA as legitimate then this campaign makes it clear that they are nothing more than mercenaries for Ankara, Doha and Riyadh.

At the end, Russia will now be viewed as the more reliable ally on the ground. The US has flipped flopped so many times that its word means nothing to the Syrians, the Kurds and even the Iraqis. In all my years, I have never seen a complete collapse of US foreign policy on this scale since the Iraq invasion. At least in Iraq, the Neocons made the decision and then manufactured the evidence to get support. It was an American decision and no one or no fact was going to change the decision.  In Syria, America is no longer making any decisions and we look like amateurs that have been fooled not once, not twice but multiple times by even our own so called Allies.  It seems that the old guard at the State Department, CIA, and the Pentagon have all retired and left the reigns to a bunch of incompetent morons that would have a hard time of even point out Aleppo on a map.

PS Secretary Clinton, Mosul is not on the Syrian border far from it.