Bombshell just hit the news. FBI director James Comey, has just reopened the investigation on the Clinton server and emails. Now the information is very thin but just the fact the director reopened the investigation must mean that the new information and emails discovered by the FBI must be significant.

He must of known prior to taking the decision that this will go down as the biggest political scandal and event in American election history.  His tenure and how he will be remembered in history will be based on this one moment and action and he knew it. He must of spent days thinking of this and cursing left and right trying to figure out what to do.

We don’t have any details but logically  we must assume the information must be damning and must be of a criminal nature. I don’t want to guess but it the information must be either a clear case of:

  1. Pay for play
  2. Transfer of classified information to a agent(s) of a foreign government
  3. a direct order to delete emails, cover up and up struct the FBI investigation

This is huge and will upend the election only 11 days out. Maybe her campaign can call FBI director Comey a friend of Putin and his surrogate. We might just have to start practicing saying “President Trump”.