Before the FBI reopening the investigation the polls were tightening already. Most pollsters, who already have been facing major headaches in accuracy lately, are scratching their heads trying to figure out the impact of the investigation on the election. What is not being factored in is the impact of wikileaks emails dumps on daily basis. I would think that the daily trickle of revelations. must be exhausting the pollsters who have just decided to ignore it. 

They shouldn’t since this is the equivalent of 1000 cuts that is slowly bleeding the morale of Clinton supporters and independents leaning democrat. On a daily basis, they are bombarded with negative news and reminders of the bad judgements of Hillary Clinton.After a while, like or not, humans tend to link things together and form a pattern. The human brain is wired to recognize patterns and shapes. Plenty of studies in psychology and marketing have studied pattern recognition and the use of repetition. Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away. The email revelations are a huge morale sucker and have been sucking the enthusiasm for the Clinton campaign for weeks now. 

The FBI reopening the case is a vindication of what has come out from Wikileaks. For weeks we had smoke from Wikileaks and the fire was supplied by the FBI.So even if people have been ignoring the email leaks the FBI bombshell will make then reevaluate them or at least recognize their existence.Impact:

  1. Young vote will as usual be insignificant because of disillusionment
  2. Voters on the fence for Trump will vote Trump
  3. Voters on the fence for Clinton will not vote and a few for Trump
  4. Republican enthusiasm is growing and lead to larger turn out
  5. Democrats morale is dropping and lead to lower turn out

outcome will be  Trump win. This is the Brexit all over again with pollsters not taking into account disillusionment and a will to stick it to the system. This election thanks to Wikileaks is really about the system, and Clinton  is the system.