Protesters have been flooding the streets of major US cities for a week now and they are clueless. They call Trump a fascist but know the definition of the word. Did Trump say at any time that he was suspended the bill of rights or any specific amendment? No. Under president Bush and Obama we have seen the NSA step on our freedom of privacy with blanket spying on all Americans, extra judicial killings of Americans overseas, and the use of torture.  All of them are in my mind examples of the suspension of the bill of rights but where were the protesters then?

They say he is racist because he said he is going to deport illegals.  He will deport some illegals. He can’t deport them all because of the cost of deporting them and the cost and the disruption it will cause to the economy. He might deport a few million like President Obama did (over 2.8 million over 8 years more than any previous administrations).  I believe that immigration is an issue that needs to be addressed and the current political establishment has refused to address because it suits them. The Republicans like to keep wages down and the Democrats like to get votes and therefore our border is not secure and drugs and yes some criminals are crossing our borders. The current situation is not sustainable and lets be frank it suppresses wage growth, promotes slave labor and traps thousands of women in children to the sex trade. Liberals needs to accept that immigration reform is needed and not just a blanket amnesty that would just send a green light for more illegal immigration. Conservatives need to understand that immigration is healthy and helps makes the economy run smoothly. So by enforcing the laws of the nation is President Elect Trump a racist? No but has his rhetoric sounded racist? Yes. Time will tell if his actions prove to be racist. I still believe that our Republic is based on checks and balances and that it will work to overrule any overtly racist policies he may or may not try to impose.

They say he is not their president because he didn’t win the popular vote but I guess they don’t understand our Republic and how the Electoral College works.  He did not win more votes than Secretary Clinton but also more people did not vote for either of them. 43% of Americans did not cast a ballot for President. Some cast their votes for local, state, congressional and senate seats and not for President and other just stayed home. More people taught that both candidates were so bad that they decided not to vote. It is telling that over 100 million Americans did not vote for Trump or Clinton.  Technically 2.7 times more Americans did not cast a vote for Secretary Clinton than voted for her. Instead of taking the popular vote with a grain of salt, some protesters are choosing to ignore that fact. more Americans did not like and did not want to vote for their candidate than people vote for her.

So to all the protesters out there how about you save your energy for a real fight and based it on some concrete action/policy that might or might not come out of the Trump administration.