The Syrian regime of Assad with Russian air support and his regional allies Hezbollah and Iran  have in the last week made substantial gains in the city of Aleppo. They have as of today taking back over 75% of rebel held part of the city with stunning success and speed. Using massing artillery and air support and putting pressure on multiple fronts they have overwhelmed the rebels (mostly Al Queda) and for once have decided not to agree to any ceasefires or relent in their attack.

What we have seen is thousands of civilians flee and some of their stories are coming out and they are not favorable to the rebels. They speak of rebels stealing all the food aid, shooting civilians in the back when fleeing to government controlled areas. What many forget is that despite the war, Assad has maintained payments to all Syrians even if they are located in rebel controlled areas. This has maintained the living conditions of hundreds of thousands of Syrians in besieged areas that are and lets be frank mostly hostages. They are are being used as human shields or their corpses as anti-government propaganda.

To the anti Assad groups calling this a massacre what is worse? Prolonging the war and suffering of the Syrian people or getting this over quickly and reduce the number of casualties.  The Assad regime has over and over called for the rebels to lay down their arms and be moved by bus to Idlib. For weeks they refused and called repeatedly pleaded with Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United States to force a cease fire. What they don’t realize is that Russia has had it with cease fires and negotiations. For a year the Russians negotiated with the United States to get the so called FSA to distance itself from extremist groups.  The United States wanted to keep trying to topple Assad and let the Gulf states assist terrorists rather than give a political legitimacy and a win to Russia.

So as my earlier article, Russia does not need the United States to settle the problem in  Syria. What the United States, Saudi Arabia and Western Europe need is Russia to kill as many if not all the jihadist because they will go back and create havoc back home. Saudi Arabia luxurious jihadi reeducation hotels are not going to work. Europe and Saudi Arabia will face thousands of them and will have a very hard time containing them. I predict that there will be running gun battles on the street of Riyadh within the years to come and oil price at 100+.

PS Many of the fighters in  Aleppo are asking to go to the Turkish FSA controlled areas including Al Qaeda links groups rather than going to Idlib. Maybe they know the situation there will be lost as well in the near future.  The Syrian Army has cleared most of the rebels near Damascus and after Aleppo and with that will be able to concentrate men, air power and armor on the wide open areas of Idlib.