Thanks to the Syrian Arab Armies and its Russian, Iranian and Shia allies, Christians can celebrate Christmas in Syria.  The defeat of extremists exported by Gulf Countries has been achieved in Aleppo and hopefully will soon mean the end to Syrian war.  Turkey has shifted its alliance and decided that blocking Kurdish aspirations is more critical and important to regime change. President Obama has also chosen the path that would hurt the United States the least by concluding that a Al Nusra victory is not a US victory.

Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the CIA  have been sidelined but at the end will realized that it is a good thing and should be thankful. Why should they be thankful?

For Israel, they can continue to live in peace with their neighbors and will not have to face in the future Islamist mercenaries located in a failed state sitting across from them on the Golan Height.  They will have nothing to fear from Israeli airstrikes since they have no value fro human life or care about civilians and infrastructure.  Israel would face an enemy that doesn’t care about anything except striking out. Hezbollah, Iran, Syria all face political realities at home that make their behavior logical and planned. The bearded fanatics have none and trade jokes and smiles before drying off in their suicide vehicles. Who would Israel rather deal with in the long term?

Saudi Arabia would also have to face these extremists if they win in Syria. Do the Saud truly believe that regime change in Syria is the only goal for these career Jihadists? They would be emboldened and ready to come home to burn down the palaces. A mad dog will sooner or later bite the hand that feeds him.

The CIA, a bunch of short sided bunch of assholes, will sooner or later be glad that no Congressional hearings will be held asking them to answer why a bunch of Jihadists flew a plane into another building somewhere in the US and why they all came from Syria. Unfortunately the later is still possible because we are about to witness the largest exodus of well trained Jihadists in history. I suggest that President Elect Trump beats down the CIA and some in the Pentagon to accept full cooperation with the Russians, Assad and the Iranians to wipe out these Jihadists before they go off and wage a war against the West and the house of Saud.