Hanging chad – not my president

Born in Kenya – not my president

Russia hacked the election – not my president

Are you seeing a trend? since 2000, our democracy has been attacked and not blithe Russians but from the inside. Political parties have over and over attacked each other by demonizing and then delegitimizing their opponents without caring about the future of our democratic system. We are facing an uncertain future where our democracy is at risk. 

The media doesn’t do it’s job and is clearly a tool of parties and corporations as evident by wikileaks. They are no longer independent and have stopped doing journalist work since the late 80s.  They toe the official line, with few exceptions here and there, and never question the facts that are presented to them.  For example the keyboard used in the DNC hack was Cyrillic (because only Russians have a Cyrillic language keyboards and FSB, GRU spies are too dumb to mask their trail). So reporters go ahead and printand ignore that the FBI never inspected the severs or the code and relies on the word of a company that was paid by the DNC which refused any government agency access to their systems. So let’s ignore facts and accept the word of the intelligence services which has never led us astray or given us false information because they they always tell the truth.

By doing this we are again deviding the country and undermine the democratic process. If the  Russians did or did not back the election it is irrelevant and is by itself a fake story created to undermine Trump. Intelligence services from day one wanted Hillary Clinton elected and attacked him on his position to not get involved in Syria. They hated President Obama for not doing more in Syria and have been screaming for change in the White House. We have never seen such a over move by the CIA and others to change and manipulate policy and policy makers. This is dangerous and unprecedented. Time to drain Langly.