The democratic party is full of itself.  Your belief in moral superiority is your downfall. This election cycle should have taught you the lesson. You lost the White House,the Senate, the House, 32 governorships, 2/3 of state houses. Either the Democratic party is badly led or it is surrounded by “YES” men that has made them delusional.  This year you stacked the system in your favor by controlling or having on your side the press, big money donors, labor unions, and even parts of the Republican party and still lost to Donald Trump. 

The Russian didn’t hack the DNC (according to people that know the source) and RT’s US viewership is so small (According to the Washington Post) that it is ridiculous to even pretend that Russia in any way shape of form decided the election. A third of the unclassified report was dedicated to RT and basically saying it was an arm of the Kremlin. Wow tax payer money telling me that a state own press touts the state line like the BBC, Al Jazeera, France24 and basically all state own news organizations. We have the pro US news channels that we the tax payers don’t pay for it so at least we are lucky to save money. Then the report started shinning about RT and it’s fake news (because US bloggers have not been doing it). All this bad anti US propaganda was brainwashing the poor American voter that couldn’t understand what the letters RT stand for. So big bad RT influenced the election but wait the the Washington Post came out with an article saying that their viewership while growing is still insignificant.   Either RT is is a small network with little viewership or a behemoth that can brainwash a large swash of the American electorate. Do you see how the U.S. press (proven to be cozy with the DNC by the hacks) is being ridiculous.which is it? But they influenced (with a disclaimer that the NSA is only moderately sure) the election so let’show our outrage.

I don’t remember outrage when Iran did influence the Election in 1979 by not releasing our hostages until after the election or when the Soviets did influence the election in 1960 by not releasing Americans and giving Nixon a bump. No one went out in the street calling Kennedy or Reagan manchurian candidates or eligitimate. The reaction today is farcicle and ridiculous with very idiotic and let’s be honest made up claims with 0 evidence. Even the Intelligence report came with a disclaimer that basically said nothing was proven, certain, verified, and or 100%.The false claims in 2003 for the Iraq War were slightly better written. But let us trust these guys again.

Was is not ridiculous and is dangerous is the CIA’s willful undermining during and after the election of a Presidential Candidate and President Elect. current and former CIA directors and agents were paraded in front of cameras yelling at us that Clinton is a no brained slam dunk and that Trump is dangerous. They also said we should do everything possible to kill Russians in Syria even if we have to arm people we know will turn their weapons on us eventually and we are sure (unlike the Intelligence report) that the so called moderates would be overrun by extremists if As was fell and therefore result in a failed state that would make Somalia look like Disney Land . We tried arming islamists in the 80s and we all know what happened.

If I was Trump on day one of my presidency I would sack the top leadership of the CIA and move much of its power to the Pentagon as a signal that descent and rebellion within a civilian agency and interference in elections is unacceptable and those who do will be accountable. The CIA did everything in its power with Hillary Clinton to create their own foreign policy and force POTUS to follow along. In my mind this is treasonous. From Egypt, to Lybia, to Ukraine, to Syria the CIA has made decisions and changed  facts on the ground contrary to what Potus said and wanted (thank you President Obama without you resisting them it would of been worse but you should of known not to trust the Clinton gang). So President Elect Trump my advice is to drain Langley first before they drag you into a disastrous foreign policy conflict.