A little advice. Sit down and listen. A safe zone for Syrian refugees is fine just not in Syria. Any act to force the create of safe zones by the U.S. Military will be viewed as a hostile act by the Syrian and Russian government. Do not believe for a second that Turkey went in to Northern Syria without Russian and Syrian consent. They made a deal to give Turkey the ability to separate YPG forces and the opportunity unity to deal them a crushing blow by forcing US hands to abandon them in the face of Turkish aggression. In return Syria and Russia got Turkey to agree to accepting Aleppo’s fall, Assad staying, and abandoning the FSA once they finish being cannon fauder in the fight against ISIS.  Turkey is fact screwed the U.S. and went rogue and that is why the Turkish air force  planes are not falling out of the sky.is not  from

The Iraqis, the Turks could both close their airspace if we decide to pursue this policy making the enforcement of the safe zone impossible. We would also be nearly impossible to reinforce a safe zone (idlib and Aleppo province) without destroying Syrian and Russian air defense systems in western Syria. The first would be easy the later more painful and could not result without Russian loss of life. This would be an act of war and please remind you that any war with Russia would go nuclear within hours. Neither side could accept defeat which only leaves the nuclear option on the table.  Your previous foe, hillary Clinton also wanted to create safe zones and I taught then that the idea was idiotic and dangerous. So listen up. Stop listening to some Republican hawks and repeat after me: ” I will not be a dumbfuck. Syria is a lost cause. I owned casinos and I know what a bad bet is and safe zones are a stupid idea because I will be last President of the United States”.

Got it! If you want safe zones tell Jordan to create one on their side of the border. Or how about forcing Saudi Arabia to take some refugees in or better yet ask them to stop funding jihadists.honestly safe zones already exist and they are called Syrian government controlled areas. We could end this war quickly if we just stop listen to the hawks like McCain and force Qatar and Saudi Arabia to stop funding jihadists but won’t happen anytime soon.