The US, Turkey, Israel and even now Saudi Arabia have all come to the conclusion that regime change is no longer possible in Syria. The Israelis are now trying to convince Syrians near the Golan to renounce extremist groups and fight them. Wow that’s a 180. Erdogan is now hopping Russia and Syria’s Tiger forces are going to come and save the Turkish Army and the incompetent FSA in Al Bab. The US is in foreign policy crisis and shambles with no one with a clue running the state department or the CIA. Saudi Arabia is busy buying back captured Saudi IS fighters (a booming trade in Syria and Turkey) and looking for others who have returned to Saudi Arabia.

In the last few days, Al-Nusra has been crushing FSA factions left and right in Idlib province creating the possibility of an alliance between the U.S. and Russia in order to save the FSA from being wiped out.  US hands might just be tied leaving no choice but to play ball with Putin if not Assad will sit back and watch the FSA be destroyed.

The days of dreaming about overthrowing Assad are over. I know that many in Langley are weeping in a corner. They have been trying to overthrow Syrian regimes since the late 40s unsuccessfully but now they are more worried about the upcoming war with the Trump administration.  He tried the olive branch in his first day but that didn’t work out so well so plan B will be to cut enough heads off to create fear and compliance within the rank and file. 

The war in Syria has changed with Iran and Russia the clear victors. The gulf states, Israel,  and the West did everything they could for regime change but at the end could not push the urban Sunnis and the upper middle class to their side. hundred of thousand of dead Syrians, million injured, millions of refugees, Brexit, the EU about to collapse, a much stronger Irajln and Russia, and Donald Trump president. That is what your stupid regime change policy in Syria got you.

PS Putin has his eyes on Lybia which he will turn around with the help of Egypt and possibly Algeria if they are not bogged down with a succession issue in 2017. Kiss the Tripoli UN backed government goodbye and your CIA man in Benghazi just defected. Stupid is as stupid those. Since the 90s, I have been wondering who has been running US foreign policy and I have come to the conclusion that it has been a bunch of idiots that have zero understanding of culture, history, politics.