Are you out there protesting at JFK and around other airports across the US? Then you are probably a hypocrite. You are one because where were you when:

President Obama let in less then 1,600 refugees from Syria between 2012 to 2015 while sending more then that number of TOW anti tank missiles to be smuggled to armed groups including jihadists in that country. He grew a conscience in 2016 during the election and let in a little over 12,000 when it was politically advantageous to contrast Demcrats to Republicans. I wonder how many ATGM he send that year?

How many refugees from Yemen have we let in while we sent millions of tons of cluster bombs, missiles, and various arms to the Saudi led coalition to drop on Yemen’s cities. We coordinated with the Saudis and shared  with them target information and intelligence and let’s be honest their Air Force can not fly without American ground maintenance and support. The people of Yemen of starving and being bombed left and right but we say nothing because our good friends the Saudis (that gave us 9/11)  is doing the bombing.Kinda funny that we are helping to bomb the same guy that help us bomb Al Qaeda . 

Where were you while thousands of Iraqis that helped US troops during our uninvited stay in Iraq doing everything from washing toilets to translating waited for a visas to flee the country. They are viewed as traitors and have been hunted down by Shia militias and Jihadists alike. We only let in a few while the rest are living in constant fear. As I remember it President Obama that penned a ban on Iraqis when he took office.

We helped an insurgency in Sudan that has now left the country without 80% of oil revenues that it used to have and helped to create a new country that has seen non stop violence and ethnic fighting. As soon as South Sudan got its independence they started fighting each other and we just sit back and watched.

In Somalia we helped destroy the state by pushing that country and it’s dictator Barre to invade Ethiopia in 1978. The result was a disaster for Barre who never recovered but was maintained in power as long as the Cold War lasted and access to bases was needed. Once the wall came down so did Barre and poof the country disintegrated and never recovered. Ironically we then pushed Ethiopia to invade. Guess what goes around comes around.

Instead of being hypocrites recognise that the U.S. government just banned 7 countries of which 5 we are bombing. So we create the refugees and in most cases don’t take them in even if they worked for us and then ban them. So do you see the hypocrisy in all this? In the last 16 years we have been responsible for the bulk of the refugee problem in the world and have taken the least amount of refugees but the ban on 7 countries is upsetting you. Lets run out and call it  a Muslim ban. If it was a Muslim ban it would of included Saudi Arabia, a country that has killed more Americans than any other country in terrorist acts and has financed terrorist organizations currently active around the world and send  a bulk of the jihadists out there today. But no they have oil, massive investments in the US and nearly a trillion dollars in T bills. So let’s focus on Libya, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, and Yemen. Countries that are either depended on our military help or have almost no  trade with the U.S. and therefore of little consequences. But continue calling it a Muslim ban if that makes you feel better about yourself.

 US foreign policy has resulted or played a role in almost every failed state that we have today such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and South Sudan but we take few refuges from those countries but now Trump is in power and puts a 90 day ban so you say that it is racist. Come on its been racist all along and if we are going to be racist at least stop bombing countries to a point of a failed state so we don’t  create so many refugees so we won’t feel bad when we won’t take them in.

Good news world. Hopefully there will be enough in fighting in the US that will keep it paralyzed for the next 4  years so it won’t go fight anyone else.keep your finger crossed.