No it’s not LTG(R) Flynn, or Steve Bannon. So who might be a Russian agent? How about Louis Marinelli. Who?

Louis Marinelli is the founder of YES California, a movement to secede from the United States and become an independent country. He used to live in Russia for years as a English teacher and at one point even want to renounce his US citizenship citing disillusionment with the United States government. He now claims that he splits time living in Russia and the US.

If seceding was not American enough, how about the fact that the Yes California movement set up an embassy in?Yup Russia.  In December 2016, right after the election, Yes California opened new digs in Moscow in partnership with far right Russian nationalists allied to the Kremlin.  He also received a grant from the Kremlin to pay for flying separatist activists from all over the world to a conference held at the Ritz in Moscow back in 2016. The conference was paid for by the Kremlin.


Marinelli also stated that he wants to ally himself with Russia and China to support his movement and use their security council seats and power at the UN to recognize the results of a referendum that would grant California independence.

This evidence is way juicy than what the CIA has been dishing out for months about President Trump and is actually based on facts and no innuendos. Is he a Russian Spy? I don’t know but it sounds like he is not shy about taking their money and support. To those Trump haters in California, think twice about seceding. Think about it:

  • If California secedes the Union would have 2 less liberal Senators and 38 congressmen/women.
  • 55 electoral college votes would disappear virtually assuring that Republicans would win the Presidency every time.
  • The liberal federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals would be stripped of judges and power and could even be eliminated all togther.
  • The US defense industry with its high paying jobs would all move out of California
  • Your crumbling roads and infrastructure will get no more funding from DoT
  • Your farmers won’t get any more subsidies from DoA
  • California would have to pay more for water and electricity that comes from neighboring states
  • All California produce, services, goods would be subject to import taxes
  • The Tech companies would all pick up and move to Seattle in order to do business with the United States
  • The US would impose an embargo
  • The US government or maybe even Mexico would just invade lol

So before you go and sign the petition to have a referendum think about this. Even if the referendum passes it will still require a two-thirds vote in Congress and the vote of three quarters of the state legislatures. So yes after the Trump win it would be nice do get even and win and it would probably feel good but its an impossibility and the result would just be disastrous.  California would be turned to a 3rd world country with a US imposed embargo that would make Cuba look like club med.

Maybe after the referendum, a new group could be born calling itself  Si California. This group would advocate the return of California to Mexico and could have their embassy in Mexico City. Mexico would send thousands across the border that would no longer be protected by US Customs and Border Police. The wave of illegals would tip the vote toward Si California, returning California to Mexico after 169 years.


So go ahead waste everyone’s time and money and sign your name on the petition so can feel good about yourself for sticking it to the man for 10 minutes. Oh wait that’s exactly what Trump voters did. So basically you are the same, you just pay more for coffee thinking its better and drive Priuses.