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Recently Amazon announced that it was going to participate in the SNAP program and is committed to making food accessible through online grocery shopping.  44 million Americans rely on food stamps and the government spends $74 billion a year on the program and now we want them to use the money on Amazon. Great if it saves them money right?

Wrong. Amazon won’t lift the delivery fees or the prime membership in order to get free shipping. So according to Amazon this is how much they will pay:

“Prime members in select cities can shop for groceries, everyday essentials, favorites from local shops and restaurants, and more with AmazonFresh. Visit to see if AmazonFresh delivers to your area.

As a Prime member you can now can now add AmazonFresh for $14.99 per month to your existing Prime membership.

Existing annual Prime Fresh members will be charged $99 for their annual Prime membership and $14.99 each month for Fresh upon your renewal date. Alternatively, you can switch to the monthly Fresh Add-on before the renewal date by visiting Manage Your Prime Membership, or by following the link in the email you received about the subscription update for personalized assistance.”

So in total, users of the service will pay $278.88 per year. This ends up being an idiotic waste of government money to even try a pilot program. If the recipient has to pay out of pocket the $278.88 a year then the program will make poor people.  For Amazon it makes sense to grab some of the $74 billion the government spends on food stamps but for the government it is ridiculously stupid. Amazon probably hopes that they can push the government to pay for some or all of the extra fees. I don’t blame them, they are a for profit company. So kill this program before it spends a single penny of tax payer money.


If politicians would do what is best for the country and the people then the solution is quite simple and will save the country billions. How I would do it you say?

Repeal Obamacare tomorrow and flip everyone to Medicare and have them pay what they are currently paying today for their crappy plan for access to Medicare. We can keep all the good things from Obamacare such has no preexisting conditions,  kids can stay on their parents plan, etc. without breaking the bank and giving subsidies to middle men that are only looking to make a profit.

Instead of using an insurance program that is efficient and that works, we decided to give subsidies to private insurance companies. That was the problem from the beginning. It did not nothing to curb costs and only lined the pockets of big insurance companies and the for profit health care system.

By flipping the 16+ million Americans to Medicare it will cost very little to do so and those 16+ Americans can pay what they are currently paying to the private insurance companies + US government subsidies directly to Medicare. Just by doing that we should be able to maintain the coverage of  millions of Americans without costing the US tax payer a cent. If this doesn’t pay completely for the program (wish I doubt) here are some other ideas for how to pay for the program:

  1. After a year, premiums and deductibles for people below the age of 65 could be calculated to pay for the system but also raise funds to keep it solvent in the future. So the income from premiums would fund most of the program + some. T
  2. Give access to private insurance to compete across state lines and let Medicare compete against them to reduce costs and increase their efficiency.
  3. Increase Medicare taxable wage to $500k instead of $118k.  By raising it so high we will be able to reduce the FICA tax of 12.4% to potentially to 11%-10%.  This would raise incomes for workers at the bottom with more take home pay and save companies billions. What CEO would say no to reducing their 6.2% FICA matching tax to say 5.5%. We could cap the FICA corporate mathing tax to the first $250k.
  4. Making it illegal to not accept Medicare. Some private for profit companies have been pushing out Medicare patients because they rather make a bigger profit. Saying no Medicare is like saying no the US dollar or the Government of the United States.
  5. Lifting the idiotic baring Medicare to negotiate drug prices and services. According to the WSJ, lifting this rule  “the federal government could save between $15.2 billion and $16 billion annually if it negotiated with drug makers for Medicare Part D medicines and obtained the same prices that are paid by Medicaid or the Veterans Benefits Administration”.
  6. Reforming the mortgage interest deduction to limit it to one home and only homes and capping the deduction to $50,000 in interest per year. The deduction was created to boast home ownership and help lower income household but actually gives a huge tax break to households making $200,000 or more (over 70% of those households use the deduction). This is a great deduction for middle America but it should not be abused to let the richest’s in America deduct up to $1,000,000 in interest on their first and second home.  By capping it, the system would be able to increase revenues by tens of billions a year. If you bought a home for $1 million at say 4% and financed it at 100% your annual payments (interest + principal) would be a little over $57,289 so plenty of upper middle class households could use it if capped at $50,000. By the way you can use the deduction on your yacht or if take out a HELOC on pretty much anything you want. How many middle class Americans have yachts or own a second home?
  7. Raising the capital gains tax from 15% to 20% for cumulative gains over $250,000. So if you report making over $255,000 in capital gains may it be from selling 1 stock or 500 stocks you will pay 15% on the first $250,000 and pay 20% on 5,000. You could even scale it . Say 16% from $250k-$500k, 17% for $500-1 million, 19% from $1-$5 million and then 20% for anything over $5 million. Either way, the government will be able to raise plenty of money without hurting the middle class, family farms, and small business owners.

All these tax proposals and ideas are simple, don’t hurt the middle class and still generate plenty of revenues to Medicare is more efficient and gives better quality healthcare than the private insurance companies.  A Gallup poll showed that American with government insurance and healthcare are more happy than those with private insurance.

By eliminating subsidies to the private sector (Obamacare + Medicare part D) you are giving Medicare a chance to not only stay solvent but actually reduce costs across the whole healthcare market and insure almost every American for a lower cost than in today’s system. So dear President elect Trump, before you do anything think about it.


It is time to say goodbye to President Obama. I vote you and I had a lot of hope and aspiration when you came in to power. I like most Americans believe that you a good guy and did a descent job but still feel let down. We feel that you didn’t keep up your end of the deal. What happened to the Wall Street vultures that came inches from destroying the entire economic system? What happened to ending the wars? What happened to helping the middle class? What happened to closing Guantanamo Bay? What happened to our civil liberties (no he did not role back Bush’s spying on America he expanded it)? What happened to immigration reform (no the dream act kids is not a reform just a deportation list for Trump)?

At the end frankly, what we elected you for, you did not deliver. Sure you gave healthcare to millions that will now lose it or not be able to afford it anymore. Personally, I think that he didn’t go far enough on healthcare. Without universal public healthcare, cost will never be put under control.  He did get u out of Iraq just to put us back in and in Syria, Libya, and Yemen.  Instead of a  reset with Russia, we got a resurgent Russia. Instead of democratic Middle East we got an ISIS spring that rolled over much of northern Iraq, eastern Syria, parts of Libya, and Afghanistan.

We disliked Bush and his repeal of civil liberties and rights but you did as much if not more. Snowden, Chelsea Manning proved to us that our civil liberties are still being trampled. President Obama did not support whistle blowers, and journalists.  The President last act was to give Intel agencies unprecedented access to raw NSA data without scrubbing information that is from American citizens. he gave the Intel agencies free reign to spy on all Americans using data collected on servers located overseas (yes your yahoo account, google email, Facebook account, etc could well be sitting on a server overseas).

I will commend you for standing up against the Intel agencies when it came to Syria. Thank you for fighting back and not getting involved in Syria.  But at the same time that was your fault. You let Hillary Clinton and her gang in and therefore their hawkish policies. In 40 years the world will find out that she and the CIA armed groups in Syria with weapons from Libya and aided the Saudis in buying arms in Eastern Europe and smuggled it all thru Turkey while giving a nice kickback to the Erdogan and his family. We will find out that the arms were not given solely to the FSA but the Islamist groups with ties to Al Queda and ISIS. We will find out the reason why ISIS was able to rise so rapidly was because of Saudi and Qatari money and protection with full knowledge and endorsement of the CIA and the State department.

Yeah you saved the economy but did you? You gave the same guys that lost billions, trillions. So the rich got richer an the middle class shrunk some more. Millions lost their jobs and homes but the hedge fund managers are more rich today than in 2008. Yes Wall street is sitting pretty at over 19500 but main street is worse off.  You got unemployment is down to 5% which on the face of it sounds great but is it how the number is calculated or hidden the reality that many have given up, have lower paying jobs, pay has not kept up, or barely surviving in the sharing economy driving for Uber or Lyft with no benefits no upward mobility? Could the number reflect that baby boomers are retiring and more people on staying longer in school and going to college and graduate school? Maybe that is why the labor participation rate is at a all time low. How will this impact social security, medicare/aid, tax policy and spending in the future?

So at the end I would like to go out for a beer with you Mr. President because I like you as a person but as a President I feel disappointed. You promised us more, you made us believe that yes we could but at the end you fell well short. I wish you the best in your retirement.

OPEC has agreed to a cut but that is not what will trust oil prices over $100 a barrel.  A much more important and potentially devastation scenario will push oil upward if it occurs. I say if but the chances are very high. I am talking of a political event and crisis that no one is talking about but should.

I am talking about the potential downfall of the Saudi Royal family. The current situation in Saudi Arabia is getting more and more dangerous and will lead to a coup that will oust the current king and his son at best. The father and son duo have in a relatively short amount of time created:

  • The Yemen war which has been a disaster militarily as well as politically with the Houthis still holding on with no sign or weakening. Near the Saudi Yemen border, the Saudi border guards and Amy have been getting a beating with many towns abandoned instead of being defended.
  • Doubled down in Syria but Russia has decided enough is enough and is and will crush the Saudi/Qatari/Turkish backed Jihadist. With Assad still in power and potential able to retake most of Western and Central Syria it is another Saudi failure and humiliation.
  • The Saudi Economy is in shambles after the devastating policies to drive oil prices down and gain market share.
  • Accepting Iranian and Iraqi terms for an oil production curb deal was at best politically embarrassing for Saudi Arabia and an acceptance that Salman’s strategy failed.

King’s Salman reign has been nothing but one failure after another. Worse of all there has been a major internal shake up when he took power.  He named Muhammad bin Nayef the crown prince end then stripped him of most of his powers and transfered nearly everything to his son Mohammed Bin Salman. Neither by the way are the sons of Muhammad Ibn Saud the founder of the Kingdom and where all other kings that followed received legitimacy from including Salman. So we have foreign adventures that are in shambles, an oil strategy that is now recognized as a failure and a future change in succession that has never been tried. So what could go wrong?

Well how about the young deputy crown prince creating more and more enemies at home by accumulating powers and sending the Kingdom down one failed venture after another and running the economy literally into the sand. Mohammed Bin Salman basically runs (King Salman is reported to be senile) the show and he reminds of one of those young consultants out of graduate school full of text book ideas but with 0 experience and worse yet is a cocky son of a bitch. What happens? Dumb idea after dumb idea is put into place which leads to  foreign workers not being paid, unemployment for young people between ages 16 and 29 is 29%, government contractors are not getting paid and the coffers are getting empty.

His reforms are also are pushing aside religious hardliners. He recently stripped the religious police of arresting powers called for education reform and for a less strict . His new Vision 2030, a plan to change Saudi Arabia is promoting phased reduction of most subsidies to the people, increase private sector employment when the government is responsible for 70% of jobs, and calling for less bureaucratic appointments a long time bread and butter for princes.

If you want to commit suicide in Saudi Arabia is it pretty simple:

  1. go after the princes money  Check
  2. cut the peoples money Check
  3. take the power away from the religious fanatics Check

Saudi Arabia’s Royal family initially an still today gets its power from the allegiance of the tribes and the religious conservatives. The Royal family also derides allegiance in the form of a social control with the people of Saudi Arabia which is basically “You don’t work and we pay you and you let us do what we like”.

Is your stomach getting a little queasy? Well it should. The economy is failing, Russian and Iranian influence on the rise in the Middle East, reforms making many traditional power players angry, and a internal battle for succession are all creating the right situation for a coup within the palace but that would be good news. So a coup is good news so what is the bad news?

Bad news is if a coup doesn’t happen and things get worse politically and economically then the thousands of Saudi Jihadists that will be returning home from Syria and already feeling betrayed by the Royal family might decide to do something about it.  The hardliners and the tribes might just side with them and we have a major problem.  We have a powder cage that could go off at any time and no one and I mean no one is talking about it. A coup a we get oil at $100 a barrel the later and we get $150+. So when that happens don’t be shocked because I told you so and it will happen and soon.

In the late 90’s in my finance and accounting classes I was the odd person out that kept arguing with my peers and professors that the valuation of stocks was off and that new accounting rules and banking deregulation were going to lead to problems. I was right, but then 10 years on in 2008, I was shocked about what was happening.  I did not foresee the size and impact of the crash even thought saw that the real estate market was one big bubble and that mortgage interest loans were a bad idea. But because I didn’t want to miss out on the real estate bubble like I missed out on the tech bubble. I let myself drink the kool-aid  and jump on the band wagon.

After 2008, I was mad, angry and disappointed in myself for just accepting what analysts, the experts  and the press was saying without questioning it. I have always had a long history of questioning everything. From questioning the tech bubble to the evidence for the case for war in Iraq, I questioned the prevailing mainstream view.  But in 2008 I was caught off guard. Maybe it was because I was invested in the stock market and was a home owner. My personal interests blinded me to the fact that the data and the information were all pointing to a crash. The markets, the press, the politicians were all pushing the same story.Personal interest and very little to no descent let me sink in the BS and conform. It’s not always fun to be the odd person out. It is not always fun defending your views against the masses especially if you are going against the entire establishment. But group think is dangerous. Unfortunately we are seeing more and more group think. Schools are pumping out a bunch of clones that regurgitate the same theories and ideas. The press all spews the same propaganda either on the right or on the left. Look at the their view points on Russia. The pollsters and analysts have gotten Brexit, the Colombian Referendum, and the US election wrong.  What is the data? no it was group think and bias that made them blind to the statistics that showed that all of them were within the margin of error.

So ever since 2008, I have made it a point to question and dissect the rhetoric and the evidence. Because of that I have had a pretty good record and have predicted:

  • Trump’s victory
  • Brexit
  • Russia’s intervention in Syria
  • Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen
  • Russia’s take over Crimea and the separatist movements in Eastern Ukraine
  • The move of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey to finance groups in Syria
  • The total failure of the state of Libya after Gaddafi’s death
  • Toppling of President Ben Ali in Tunisia and Hosni Mubarrak in Egypt and then the ouster of Muslim brotherhood
  • Obama’s victory in 2008 and 2012

I have been much better at seeing political events coming since starting to re-question the data and never blindly accepting anything proposed especially if everyone is on board. I have been more aware of my own biases and have worked to suppress them in order to objectivity observe and breakdown the information being sold by politicians, the press, the experts and pundits.  All the signs and information is out there. All you have to do is check and question the evidence.  All the polls in battleground states before the 2016 election were within the margin of error. The enthusiasm for Trump was evident in his rallies, the Wikileaks emails were eroding Clinton’s perception, the FBI letter made a dent, Republican turn out was up, minority registration down. the polls showed that over 70% of Americans wanted change but everyone jumped on the band wagon.


Wasn’t President Elect Trump supposed to be a disaster for the United States, the economy and global trade? Well Wall Street believes that he will be great for business and a Republican controlled Congress and Senate will be able to water down if not call all the shots. In this respect I believe that they are right.

The good stuff like lower regulation, a tax free corporate repatriation of profits to the US will both be a big gain to fortunate 500 companies will be passed quickly and ultimately will inflate Wall Street. Imagine over $2 trillion coming back into the US and a 15% corporate tax rate and most of it going into buying back corporate stocks,mergers and acquisitions and going to stock holders. Can you say the Dow at over 20,000 points? I can. and that is exactly what is going to happen.

As for free trade? The Republicans will indefinitely shelf TPP to make Trump more popular and do a few things here and there to make him look like the new champion of the American worker but don’t get your hopes up on killing NAFTA. He might just get an infrastructure bill signed that overall will be good for the economy, jobs, Caterpillar and construction companies. Overall he will be controlled by the Republican party which if they are smart will take the opportunity to prove the middle class that they can think about them (a little). So the best option is to let be Trump be Trump and water down any of the big stuff (trade wars, currency wars, scrapping trade).

Another reason for a positive Wall Street outcome will be that nationalist and conservative parties all over Europe will be on a rampage (watch Austria in a few months and France next year) that will drive money out of Europe and in the US stock market. So this Wall Street bubble will continue to grow. I am back in big but not in gun maker stocks. Sales of guns will go down. What has propped up gun sales in the last 8 years were constant false rumors by conservatives and the gun industry that the Democrats were going to curb the 2nd amendment driving fear and therefore sales. So short gun makers they lost their best marketing trick.

Why Brexit happened? Why Trump  won? Why anti immigration parties are winning in Europe? 2008 it is clear and simple. Western countries have been shocked by the 2008 crash and many politicians and elites have still not understood the ramification and magnitude of that event.

Country after country, many have started to put in question the entire principle of globalization, free trade, wall street, the banks, the system that the establishment  (in all Western countries) has been pushing for for the 30 years.  Pre-2008, the citizens of Western countries at least believed their politicians that global trade was working because they went to Wall-mart and bought cheap  goods while at the same time they saw their jobs either going to China or paying less. In 2008, the system was near total collapse and people lost their jobs and lost their homes and lost frankly that illusion that the so called Wall Street experts are geniuses. The idea that the people on top are not that smarter, more hard working and are not infallible is the first bubble that popped.

The second bubble is the most important.  Elected official and the system that are supposed to represent the will and interest of the people did everything possible to bail out the banks, large companies, the wealthy, and the connected. They did that by making the people that they supposedly represent pay for it. They cut services, raised taxes, cut interest rates to make your saving worth nothing, imposed more regulation on small businesses while letting big companies continue as usual. In the US, Obamacare in my view a cover  that shifted attention from the 2008 depression and created nothing more than a subsidy for insurance companies. Personally I have always believed in single payer system because it makes sense when looking at the math. statistics and probability. But that is for another blog post. Obamacare took the attention off the banks, the big companies.

People that elected President Obama did not vote for him for health care. They voted for him and put Democrats in charge of both the House of Representatives and the Senate for change, real concrete change and a little bit of justice. What happened? No one of any significance went to jail. None of the big banks were made to pay. They did the opposite. They let the banks make changes to Dodd-Frank, get access to cheap money that created the Wall Street Bubble.  Between TARP and Quantitative Easing. banks got trillions to pad their bottom line and invest in the stock market while squeezing mortgage owners, paying less in saving interest, charging more to consumers, and not lending. Obamacare was the great slight of hand in American politics

So the lesson that many learned was that the politicians and the politicians don’t work for them. They are detached from the people and clearly do not have the same view points and interests.  They work for a growing group of people that are rich and growing richer and hold immense influence and power of the system in all Western countries. These elites are not nationalists, they are ultra nationalist that believe that they are world citizens that have more in common with their counterparts in other countries than their fellow citizens (most have multiple passports anyway and own assets around the world). They believe in the free movement of money and assets while driving down labor costs everywhere. I call it the race to the bottom. Just like Uber and the sharing economy. People think is it great but when later on they realize that it benefits few and is driving labor prices down they will revolt.  Con men always fool people at first but sooner or later people will learn their lesson (most of the time after they got conned)


Trump won and won big with not only swing states like Florida, Ohio, North Carolina but in the rust belt as well.  Why? The economy stupid. The entire election was based on how people feel about the economy and their future. The result was bigger than I expected. I taught he would pick up Ohio, North Carolina, Arizona, and Michigan based on how well Sanders did there. Wisconsin was a surprise and Pennsylvania was a bigger win then I expected. So what should we learn from this?

Pollster can get it wrong just like Brexit. They give too much importance to incumbents and to establishment big players.  They tend to drink their own cool aid like the press. I have been saying for months,  Trump can win it because the same ailments that fell upon Brits after 2008 can be seen in America.  People gave President Obama 2 mandates and I was always mad that he squandered it on health care that honestly was a big issue in this campaign even if the press never covered it. He said we would disengage from the Middle East and that never happened (Libya. Yemen and Syria are in ruin, Al Qaeda is stronger then ever, Iran is a big player, and we still losing lives in Afghanistan). He talk a lot of about Wall Street but his entire administration was jam packed with Clinton’s Citi Group surrogates. No one was blamed or held accountable for the 2008 and we are basically back where we started with too big to fail banks, derivatives, over emphasis on Wall Street versus main street.  I vote for Obama but like many feel disappointed with his lack of achievements.  Yeah yeah the Republicans obstructionism didn’t help but the first 2 years he had no excuse to jam a real and effective economic plan. Instead he filled the pockets of hedge fund managers with free Fed money.

Trump spoke to the grievance of the middle class just like Nigel Farage in the UK for Brexit and Obama in 2008. But now people don’t want just talk they want real change that will benefit them.  Trump has, with this election, a clear and unparalleled mandate not seen since Nixon in 1972. The Republicans owe him for  taking the Senate and the House without giving him any support (More like stabbing him at every turn) and the Democrats in disarray and demoralized. It is up to him to use it or squander it. I expect that he will be more of a doer (tax cuts, big infrastructure bill, repeal of Obamacare) but don’t expect him to be perfect. He is still Donald Trump so expect some WTF did he just say?

So the lesson is?  The economy stupid always was always will.

The good news is that in this election big money didn’t win. Clinton and surrogates raised over $1.3 billion while Trump did it on the cheap a little over $700 million and really only $250 million because the rest really wasn’t spent on him but more on Senate/House Elections.


To answer the question lets look at the Brexit vote.  Many have claimed that the UK’s referendum voted Brexit because of immigration. I would claim that this reason is minor and did not significantly impact the result.  Brexit in my mind was due to 2 reasons:

  1. People have come to the realization that globalization and open trade is not all that great for them. Italo Colantone and Piero Stanig, 2 economists, who analyzed the results of the referendum claim that area that voted leave are the same areas hardest hit by globalization. Where globalization took jobs people voted for leave.
  2. The vote was also a vote of rejection. Not just the EU but about everything, no wage growth for years, lower levels and quality of public services, no job growth, a political system not working them, the rich getting richer and on top of that austerity. The Brits wanted to make a statement and a statement they did.  The vote was more about anger and frustration about the past and the present than the future. It was the ultimate f*** you vote.

How does this compare to the US election? Surprisingly everything.

Poll after poll has shown that Americans view the economic system as being rigged. A poll from Marketplace and Edison Research (link to poll) found that 71% of Americans believe the economic system is rigged in favor of certain groups. Americans are more and more angry at the system that they believe is no longer working for them but for the rich and the powerful.  Look at the Princeton study on how the US is an Oligarchy  and frankly ask around and that view that the system is not made for the little guy is quite clear. This is not just a white issue but a minority issue as well. From the lowest incomes to the upper middle class. Everyone is starting to believe that the system is not fair and concentrates power in the hands of a few. 2008 was a big wake up call and the last 8 years of public policy a confirmation that the system favors the few.

If people think that the economy is rigged they are also are starting to believe that the political system and the press is rigged.  Trump supporters are frustrated and angry toward the press for their negative coverage of Donald Trump and they are honestly completely right.  Just look at the stories coming out of CNN and almost everyone else not called FOX News. It’s all day and nothing but women harassed by Trump and lewd comments in a bus non stop. Absolutely radio silence about Clinton and  Wikileaks.  Bernie Sanders supporters are not too happy as well with the coverage and revelations about how their candidate was treated by the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

Trump has for 3 debates and for months pushed that Clinton is the establishment and is pro free trade. Thanks to Wikileaks that has been confirmed.  He has been surprisingly on message these last few weeks hammering the previous points and using the Wikileaks emails as much as he can. In the next few weeks almost anything can happen surprise wise and I do believe that Wikileaks is not done yet and possibly preparing the biggest scandals for the last week.

So take disillusion with the economy, the political system and the press and sprinkle some of the lowest approval and likability rating on record for candidates, a dash of higher then expected polling numbers for independents and add low voter turn outs and a whole lot of f*** you votes and we got another Brexit.

After the news that premiums are going to go up by 25% for the Affordable Care Act next year how many of you would like to send a big f*** you message?


The United States, Russia, Israel, France and the United Kingdom are all flying around the same airspace dropping bombs and firing missiles at each other’s proxies but oh no someone said “grab them by the p****”. Drop everything. Cancel the Security Council meeting on Syria, recall FIMA from Florida and Georgia, forget about Haitians aren’t dying of Cholera it’s just a little brown water and it’s going to Ok since the Clinton Foundation will take all the reconstruction money, call off the search for the Syrian born bomber in Germany, and quick someone ask Clinton what she thinks but do it in private so we actually know what she thinks.

Wow I hate Trump but come on, the American press is going over board on this one.  Russia just beef up it’s air defenses and threatened to shoot down any American aircraft’s  if they attack Syrian army positions. Really a potential for conflict that would lead  to an all out nuclear confrontation and the extermination of the human race and all the talk is about p****.  Let’s be honest the press by any definition can no longer call itself the press. All these pressing important stories and Trump is on the front page of every website and newspaper in the United States. 9 Americans are dead, billions of dollars of damage but not p**** is more important.  Trump said something bad lewd and unacceptable things but front page especially since this story was 11 years in the making and was release only hours after the bombshell Clinton leaks. Talk about drowning out a story with another story. What is worse a sexist disgusting moron or untrustworthy 2 faced politicians?

The Clinton campaign hand in hand with the press released the Trump story to drown out the damming emails that basically shows how she is not only for TPP but wants to expand free trade in the Americas and create a EU systems with free trade and open borders.  She is in the pockets of big banks and Wall street and basically says “I mean, politics is like sausage being made,” she said. “It is unsavory, and it always has been that way, but we usually end up where we need to be. But if everybody’s watching, you know, all of the back room discussions and the deals, you know, then people get a little nervous, to say the least. So, you need both a public and a private position.” Really that is the definition of 2 faced, public and private position.

My favorite is how she describes the security requirements of the State Departments during visits to China and Russia but to the FBI she says she didn’t get any guidance about the mail server and security briefings about it. This is what she said

“And we knew it was going on when I would go to China, or I would go to Russia, we would leave all of our electronic equipment on the plane, with the batteries out, because this is a new frontier,”.  So you know they can hack you and you did get briefings about security so why did she still maintain a private email server? It wasn’t about security but hiding her emails from Freedom of Information Act. So in order to drown out the story the p**** story came out while never confirming nor denying the content of the emails but point to the Russian and have John Podesta infer the emails are fake without ever showing evidence  “. Don’t have time to figure out which docs are real and which are faked…”.

I think it is time that Clinton releases all the transcripts of the speeches she made behind close doors and Trump releases his taxes. Fair is fair. Let’s have mutually assured political destruction. This is the sad state of our broken political system and non existent press. One side we have a crude unpolished sexist big mouth incapable of restraint moron and the other a shrewd calculating power hungry untrustworthy corrupt. So are you ready to vote for Johnson or Stein? The only wasted vote is a vote for Clinton or Trump and against your good conscience.


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