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Even though Assad is evil, I would much prefer this evil than the one from Daesh or the FSA.  While they are running around killing people and then blaming the West for all their problem, Assad is Opening a Women’s fair in Aleppo. You tell me which would you prefer? Living under a secular dictatorship or with a bunch of bearded guys that would shop off your head for wearing a dress, or listening to music, or smoking a cigarette after iftar during Ramadan? If you picked the bearded guys then by all means move to Raqqa and I hope that you get a nice present from above with special delivery from the USAF, the Russian Aerospace Forces, or the Syrian Air Force.


The following video from a tweet shows Russian, Syrian government, and Syrian Kurds dancing together near Manbij.  Soldiers laughing and dancing while a few miles away the Turkish army and their FSA puppets are figuring out how to attack Manbij while not getting shot at by the United States, Russia, Syria and the Kurds at the same time. Good luck Erdogan! I think your Turkey is cooked.


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