Even though Assad is evil, I would much prefer this evil than the one from Daesh or the FSA.  While they are running around killing people and then blaming the West for all their problem, Assad is Opening a Women’s fair in Aleppo. You tell me which would you prefer? Living under a secular dictatorship or with a bunch of bearded guys that would shop off your head for wearing a dress, or listening to music, or smoking a cigarette after iftar during Ramadan? If you picked the bearded guys then by all means move to Raqqa and I hope that you get a nice present from above with special delivery from the USAF, the Russian Aerospace Forces, or the Syrian Air Force.


The following video from a tweet shows Russian, Syrian government, and Syrian Kurds dancing together near Manbij.  Soldiers laughing and dancing while a few miles away the Turkish army and their FSA puppets are figuring out how to attack Manbij while not getting shot at by the United States, Russia, Syria and the Kurds at the same time. Good luck Erdogan! I think your Turkey is cooked.


No it’s not LTG(R) Flynn, or Steve Bannon. So who might be a Russian agent? How about Louis Marinelli. Who?

Louis Marinelli is the founder of YES California, a movement to secede from the United States and become an independent country. He used to live in Russia for years as a English teacher and at one point even want to renounce his US citizenship citing disillusionment with the United States government. He now claims that he splits time living in Russia and the US.

If seceding was not American enough, how about the fact that the Yes California movement set up an embassy in?Yup Russia.  In December 2016, right after the election, Yes California opened new digs in Moscow in partnership with far right Russian nationalists allied to the Kremlin.  He also received a grant from the Kremlin to pay for flying separatist activists from all over the world to a conference held at the Ritz in Moscow back in 2016. The conference was paid for by the Kremlin.


Marinelli also stated that he wants to ally himself with Russia and China to support his movement and use their security council seats and power at the UN to recognize the results of a referendum that would grant California independence.

This evidence is way juicy than what the CIA has been dishing out for months about President Trump and is actually based on facts and no innuendos. Is he a Russian Spy? I don’t know but it sounds like he is not shy about taking their money and support. To those Trump haters in California, think twice about seceding. Think about it:

  • If California secedes the Union would have 2 less liberal Senators and 38 congressmen/women.
  • 55 electoral college votes would disappear virtually assuring that Republicans would win the Presidency every time.
  • The liberal federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals would be stripped of judges and power and could even be eliminated all togther.
  • The US defense industry with its high paying jobs would all move out of California
  • Your crumbling roads and infrastructure will get no more funding from DoT
  • Your farmers won’t get any more subsidies from DoA
  • California would have to pay more for water and electricity that comes from neighboring states
  • All California produce, services, goods would be subject to import taxes
  • The Tech companies would all pick up and move to Seattle in order to do business with the United States
  • The US would impose an embargo
  • The US government or maybe even Mexico would just invade lol

So before you go and sign the petition to have a referendum think about this. Even if the referendum passes it will still require a two-thirds vote in Congress and the vote of three quarters of the state legislatures. So yes after the Trump win it would be nice do get even and win and it would probably feel good but its an impossibility and the result would just be disastrous.  California would be turned to a 3rd world country with a US imposed embargo that would make Cuba look like club med.

Maybe after the referendum, a new group could be born calling itself  Si California. This group would advocate the return of California to Mexico and could have their embassy in Mexico City. Mexico would send thousands across the border that would no longer be protected by US Customs and Border Police. The wave of illegals would tip the vote toward Si California, returning California to Mexico after 169 years.


So go ahead waste everyone’s time and money and sign your name on the petition so can feel good about yourself for sticking it to the man for 10 minutes. Oh wait that’s exactly what Trump voters did. So basically you are the same, you just pay more for coffee thinking its better and drive Priuses.


Are you out there protesting at JFK and around other airports across the US? Then you are probably a hypocrite. You are one because where were you when:

President Obama let in less then 1,600 refugees from Syria between 2012 to 2015 while sending more then that number of TOW anti tank missiles to be smuggled to armed groups including jihadists in that country. He grew a conscience in 2016 during the election and let in a little over 12,000 when it was politically advantageous to contrast Demcrats to Republicans. I wonder how many ATGM he send that year?

How many refugees from Yemen have we let in while we sent millions of tons of cluster bombs, missiles, and various arms to the Saudi led coalition to drop on Yemen’s cities. We coordinated with the Saudis and shared  with them target information and intelligence and let’s be honest their Air Force can not fly without American ground maintenance and support. The people of Yemen of starving and being bombed left and right but we say nothing because our good friends the Saudis (that gave us 9/11)  is doing the bombing.Kinda funny that we are helping to bomb the same guy that help us bomb Al Qaeda . 

Where were you while thousands of Iraqis that helped US troops during our uninvited stay in Iraq doing everything from washing toilets to translating waited for a visas to flee the country. They are viewed as traitors and have been hunted down by Shia militias and Jihadists alike. We only let in a few while the rest are living in constant fear. As I remember it President Obama that penned a ban on Iraqis when he took office.

We helped an insurgency in Sudan that has now left the country without 80% of oil revenues that it used to have and helped to create a new country that has seen non stop violence and ethnic fighting. As soon as South Sudan got its independence they started fighting each other and we just sit back and watched.

In Somalia we helped destroy the state by pushing that country and it’s dictator Barre to invade Ethiopia in 1978. The result was a disaster for Barre who never recovered but was maintained in power as long as the Cold War lasted and access to bases was needed. Once the wall came down so did Barre and poof the country disintegrated and never recovered. Ironically we then pushed Ethiopia to invade. Guess what goes around comes around.

Instead of being hypocrites recognise that the U.S. government just banned 7 countries of which 5 we are bombing. So we create the refugees and in most cases don’t take them in even if they worked for us and then ban them. So do you see the hypocrisy in all this? In the last 16 years we have been responsible for the bulk of the refugee problem in the world and have taken the least amount of refugees but the ban on 7 countries is upsetting you. Lets run out and call it  a Muslim ban. If it was a Muslim ban it would of included Saudi Arabia, a country that has killed more Americans than any other country in terrorist acts and has financed terrorist organizations currently active around the world and send  a bulk of the jihadists out there today. But no they have oil, massive investments in the US and nearly a trillion dollars in T bills. So let’s focus on Libya, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, and Yemen. Countries that are either depended on our military help or have almost no  trade with the U.S. and therefore of little consequences. But continue calling it a Muslim ban if that makes you feel better about yourself.

 US foreign policy has resulted or played a role in almost every failed state that we have today such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and South Sudan but we take few refuges from those countries but now Trump is in power and puts a 90 day ban so you say that it is racist. Come on its been racist all along and if we are going to be racist at least stop bombing countries to a point of a failed state so we don’t  create so many refugees so we won’t feel bad when we won’t take them in.

Good news world. Hopefully there will be enough in fighting in the US that will keep it paralyzed for the next 4  years so it won’t go fight anyone else.keep your finger crossed.

A little advice. Sit down and listen. A safe zone for Syrian refugees is fine just not in Syria. Any act to force the create of safe zones by the U.S. Military will be viewed as a hostile act by the Syrian and Russian government. Do not believe for a second that Turkey went in to Northern Syria without Russian and Syrian consent. They made a deal to give Turkey the ability to separate YPG forces and the opportunity unity to deal them a crushing blow by forcing US hands to abandon them in the face of Turkish aggression. In return Syria and Russia got Turkey to agree to accepting Aleppo’s fall, Assad staying, and abandoning the FSA once they finish being cannon fauder in the fight against ISIS.  Turkey is fact screwed the U.S. and went rogue and that is why the Turkish air force  planes are not falling out of the sky.is not  from

The Iraqis, the Turks could both close their airspace if we decide to pursue this policy making the enforcement of the safe zone impossible. We would also be nearly impossible to reinforce a safe zone (idlib and Aleppo province) without destroying Syrian and Russian air defense systems in western Syria. The first would be easy the later more painful and could not result without Russian loss of life. This would be an act of war and please remind you that any war with Russia would go nuclear within hours. Neither side could accept defeat which only leaves the nuclear option on the table.  Your previous foe, hillary Clinton also wanted to create safe zones and I taught then that the idea was idiotic and dangerous. So listen up. Stop listening to some Republican hawks and repeat after me: ” I will not be a dumbfuck. Syria is a lost cause. I owned casinos and I know what a bad bet is and safe zones are a stupid idea because I will be last President of the United States”.

Got it! If you want safe zones tell Jordan to create one on their side of the border. Or how about forcing Saudi Arabia to take some refugees in or better yet ask them to stop funding jihadists.honestly safe zones already exist and they are called Syrian government controlled areas. We could end this war quickly if we just stop listen to the hawks like McCain and force Qatar and Saudi Arabia to stop funding jihadists but won’t happen anytime soon.

The US, Turkey, Israel and even now Saudi Arabia have all come to the conclusion that regime change is no longer possible in Syria. The Israelis are now trying to convince Syrians near the Golan to renounce extremist groups and fight them. Wow that’s a 180. Erdogan is now hopping Russia and Syria’s Tiger forces are going to come and save the Turkish Army and the incompetent FSA in Al Bab. The US is in foreign policy crisis and shambles with no one with a clue running the state department or the CIA. Saudi Arabia is busy buying back captured Saudi IS fighters (a booming trade in Syria and Turkey) and looking for others who have returned to Saudi Arabia.

In the last few days, Al-Nusra has been crushing FSA factions left and right in Idlib province creating the possibility of an alliance between the U.S. and Russia in order to save the FSA from being wiped out.  US hands might just be tied leaving no choice but to play ball with Putin if not Assad will sit back and watch the FSA be destroyed.

The days of dreaming about overthrowing Assad are over. I know that many in Langley are weeping in a corner. They have been trying to overthrow Syrian regimes since the late 40s unsuccessfully but now they are more worried about the upcoming war with the Trump administration.  He tried the olive branch in his first day but that didn’t work out so well so plan B will be to cut enough heads off to create fear and compliance within the rank and file. 

The war in Syria has changed with Iran and Russia the clear victors. The gulf states, Israel,  and the West did everything they could for regime change but at the end could not push the urban Sunnis and the upper middle class to their side. hundred of thousand of dead Syrians, million injured, millions of refugees, Brexit, the EU about to collapse, a much stronger Irajln and Russia, and Donald Trump president. That is what your stupid regime change policy in Syria got you.

PS Putin has his eyes on Lybia which he will turn around with the help of Egypt and possibly Algeria if they are not bogged down with a succession issue in 2017. Kiss the Tripoli UN backed government goodbye and your CIA man in Benghazi just defected. Stupid is as stupid those. Since the 90s, I have been wondering who has been running US foreign policy and I have come to the conclusion that it has been a bunch of idiots that have zero understanding of culture, history, politics. 

Recently Amazon announced that it was going to participate in the SNAP program and is committed to making food accessible through online grocery shopping.  44 million Americans rely on food stamps and the government spends $74 billion a year on the program and now we want them to use the money on Amazon. Great if it saves them money right?

Wrong. Amazon won’t lift the delivery fees or the prime membership in order to get free shipping. So according to Amazon this is how much they will pay:

“Prime members in select cities can shop for groceries, everyday essentials, favorites from local shops and restaurants, and more with AmazonFresh. Visit Amazon.com/AmazonFresh to see if AmazonFresh delivers to your area.

As a Prime member you can now can now add AmazonFresh for $14.99 per month to your existing Prime membership.

Existing annual Prime Fresh members will be charged $99 for their annual Prime membership and $14.99 each month for Fresh upon your renewal date. Alternatively, you can switch to the monthly Fresh Add-on before the renewal date by visiting Manage Your Prime Membership, or by following the link in the email you received about the subscription update for personalized assistance.”

So in total, users of the service will pay $278.88 per year. This ends up being an idiotic waste of government money to even try a pilot program. If the recipient has to pay out of pocket the $278.88 a year then the program will make poor people.  For Amazon it makes sense to grab some of the $74 billion the government spends on food stamps but for the government it is ridiculously stupid. Amazon probably hopes that they can push the government to pay for some or all of the extra fees. I don’t blame them, they are a for profit company. So kill this program before it spends a single penny of tax payer money.

If politicians would do what is best for the country and the people then the solution is quite simple and will save the country billions. How I would do it you say?

Repeal Obamacare tomorrow and flip everyone to Medicare and have them pay what they are currently paying today for their crappy plan for access to Medicare. We can keep all the good things from Obamacare such has no preexisting conditions,  kids can stay on their parents plan, etc. without breaking the bank and giving subsidies to middle men that are only looking to make a profit.

Instead of using an insurance program that is efficient and that works, we decided to give subsidies to private insurance companies. That was the problem from the beginning. It did not nothing to curb costs and only lined the pockets of big insurance companies and the for profit health care system.

By flipping the 16+ million Americans to Medicare it will cost very little to do so and those 16+ Americans can pay what they are currently paying to the private insurance companies + US government subsidies directly to Medicare. Just by doing that we should be able to maintain the coverage of  millions of Americans without costing the US tax payer a cent. If this doesn’t pay completely for the program (wish I doubt) here are some other ideas for how to pay for the program:

  1. After a year, premiums and deductibles for people below the age of 65 could be calculated to pay for the system but also raise funds to keep it solvent in the future. So the income from premiums would fund most of the program + some. T
  2. Give access to private insurance to compete across state lines and let Medicare compete against them to reduce costs and increase their efficiency.
  3. Increase Medicare taxable wage to $500k instead of $118k.  By raising it so high we will be able to reduce the FICA tax of 12.4% to potentially to 11%-10%.  This would raise incomes for workers at the bottom with more take home pay and save companies billions. What CEO would say no to reducing their 6.2% FICA matching tax to say 5.5%. We could cap the FICA corporate mathing tax to the first $250k.
  4. Making it illegal to not accept Medicare. Some private for profit companies have been pushing out Medicare patients because they rather make a bigger profit. Saying no Medicare is like saying no the US dollar or the Government of the United States.
  5. Lifting the idiotic baring Medicare to negotiate drug prices and services. According to the WSJ, lifting this rule  “the federal government could save between $15.2 billion and $16 billion annually if it negotiated with drug makers for Medicare Part D medicines and obtained the same prices that are paid by Medicaid or the Veterans Benefits Administration”.
  6. Reforming the mortgage interest deduction to limit it to one home and only homes and capping the deduction to $50,000 in interest per year. The deduction was created to boast home ownership and help lower income household but actually gives a huge tax break to households making $200,000 or more (over 70% of those households use the deduction). This is a great deduction for middle America but it should not be abused to let the richest’s in America deduct up to $1,000,000 in interest on their first and second home.  By capping it, the system would be able to increase revenues by tens of billions a year. If you bought a home for $1 million at say 4% and financed it at 100% your annual payments (interest + principal) would be a little over $57,289 so plenty of upper middle class households could use it if capped at $50,000. By the way you can use the deduction on your yacht or if take out a HELOC on pretty much anything you want. How many middle class Americans have yachts or own a second home?
  7. Raising the capital gains tax from 15% to 20% for cumulative gains over $250,000. So if you report making over $255,000 in capital gains may it be from selling 1 stock or 500 stocks you will pay 15% on the first $250,000 and pay 20% on 5,000. You could even scale it . Say 16% from $250k-$500k, 17% for $500-1 million, 19% from $1-$5 million and then 20% for anything over $5 million. Either way, the government will be able to raise plenty of money without hurting the middle class, family farms, and small business owners.

All these tax proposals and ideas are simple, don’t hurt the middle class and still generate plenty of revenues to Medicare is more efficient and gives better quality healthcare than the private insurance companies.  A Gallup poll showed that American with government insurance and healthcare are more happy than those with private insurance.

By eliminating subsidies to the private sector (Obamacare + Medicare part D) you are giving Medicare a chance to not only stay solvent but actually reduce costs across the whole healthcare market and insure almost every American for a lower cost than in today’s system. So dear President elect Trump, before you do anything think about it.


It is time to say goodbye to President Obama. I vote you and I had a lot of hope and aspiration when you came in to power. I like most Americans believe that you a good guy and did a descent job but still feel let down. We feel that you didn’t keep up your end of the deal. What happened to the Wall Street vultures that came inches from destroying the entire economic system? What happened to ending the wars? What happened to helping the middle class? What happened to closing Guantanamo Bay? What happened to our civil liberties (no he did not role back Bush’s spying on America he expanded it)? What happened to immigration reform (no the dream act kids is not a reform just a deportation list for Trump)?

At the end frankly, what we elected you for, you did not deliver. Sure you gave healthcare to millions that will now lose it or not be able to afford it anymore. Personally, I think that he didn’t go far enough on healthcare. Without universal public healthcare, cost will never be put under control.  He did get u out of Iraq just to put us back in and in Syria, Libya, and Yemen.  Instead of a  reset with Russia, we got a resurgent Russia. Instead of democratic Middle East we got an ISIS spring that rolled over much of northern Iraq, eastern Syria, parts of Libya, and Afghanistan.

We disliked Bush and his repeal of civil liberties and rights but you did as much if not more. Snowden, Chelsea Manning proved to us that our civil liberties are still being trampled. President Obama did not support whistle blowers, and journalists.  The President last act was to give Intel agencies unprecedented access to raw NSA data without scrubbing information that is from American citizens. he gave the Intel agencies free reign to spy on all Americans using data collected on servers located overseas (yes your yahoo account, google email, Facebook account, etc could well be sitting on a server overseas).

I will commend you for standing up against the Intel agencies when it came to Syria. Thank you for fighting back and not getting involved in Syria.  But at the same time that was your fault. You let Hillary Clinton and her gang in and therefore their hawkish policies. In 40 years the world will find out that she and the CIA armed groups in Syria with weapons from Libya and aided the Saudis in buying arms in Eastern Europe and smuggled it all thru Turkey while giving a nice kickback to the Erdogan and his family. We will find out that the arms were not given solely to the FSA but the Islamist groups with ties to Al Queda and ISIS. We will find out the reason why ISIS was able to rise so rapidly was because of Saudi and Qatari money and protection with full knowledge and endorsement of the CIA and the State department.

Yeah you saved the economy but did you? You gave the same guys that lost billions, trillions. So the rich got richer an the middle class shrunk some more. Millions lost their jobs and homes but the hedge fund managers are more rich today than in 2008. Yes Wall street is sitting pretty at over 19500 but main street is worse off.  You got unemployment is down to 5% which on the face of it sounds great but is it how the number is calculated or hidden the reality that many have given up, have lower paying jobs, pay has not kept up, or barely surviving in the sharing economy driving for Uber or Lyft with no benefits no upward mobility? Could the number reflect that baby boomers are retiring and more people on staying longer in school and going to college and graduate school? Maybe that is why the labor participation rate is at a all time low. How will this impact social security, medicare/aid, tax policy and spending in the future?

So at the end I would like to go out for a beer with you Mr. President because I like you as a person but as a President I feel disappointed. You promised us more, you made us believe that yes we could but at the end you fell well short. I wish you the best in your retirement.

The democratic party is full of itself.  Your belief in moral superiority is your downfall. This election cycle should have taught you the lesson. You lost the White House,the Senate, the House, 32 governorships, 2/3 of state houses. Either the Democratic party is badly led or it is surrounded by “YES” men that has made them delusional.  This year you stacked the system in your favor by controlling or having on your side the press, big money donors, labor unions, and even parts of the Republican party and still lost to Donald Trump. 

The Russian didn’t hack the DNC (according to people that know the source) and RT’s US viewership is so small (According to the Washington Post) that it is ridiculous to even pretend that Russia in any way shape of form decided the election. A third of the unclassified report was dedicated to RT and basically saying it was an arm of the Kremlin. Wow tax payer money telling me that a state own press touts the state line like the BBC, Al Jazeera, France24 and basically all state own news organizations. We have the pro US news channels that we the tax payers don’t pay for it so at least we are lucky to save money. Then the report started shinning about RT and it’s fake news (because US bloggers have not been doing it). All this bad anti US propaganda was brainwashing the poor American voter that couldn’t understand what the letters RT stand for. So big bad RT influenced the election but wait the the Washington Post came out with an article saying that their viewership while growing is still insignificant.   Either RT is is a small network with little viewership or a behemoth that can brainwash a large swash of the American electorate. Do you see how the U.S. press (proven to be cozy with the DNC by the hacks) is being ridiculous.which is it? But they influenced (with a disclaimer that the NSA is only moderately sure) the election so let’show our outrage.

I don’t remember outrage when Iran did influence the Election in 1979 by not releasing our hostages until after the election or when the Soviets did influence the election in 1960 by not releasing Americans and giving Nixon a bump. No one went out in the street calling Kennedy or Reagan manchurian candidates or eligitimate. The reaction today is farcicle and ridiculous with very idiotic and let’s be honest made up claims with 0 evidence. Even the Intelligence report came with a disclaimer that basically said nothing was proven, certain, verified, and or 100%.The false claims in 2003 for the Iraq War were slightly better written. But let us trust these guys again.

Was is not ridiculous and is dangerous is the CIA’s willful undermining during and after the election of a Presidential Candidate and President Elect. current and former CIA directors and agents were paraded in front of cameras yelling at us that Clinton is a no brained slam dunk and that Trump is dangerous. They also said we should do everything possible to kill Russians in Syria even if we have to arm people we know will turn their weapons on us eventually and we are sure (unlike the Intelligence report) that the so called moderates would be overrun by extremists if As was fell and therefore result in a failed state that would make Somalia look like Disney Land . We tried arming islamists in the 80s and we all know what happened.

If I was Trump on day one of my presidency I would sack the top leadership of the CIA and move much of its power to the Pentagon as a signal that descent and rebellion within a civilian agency and interference in elections is unacceptable and those who do will be accountable. The CIA did everything in its power with Hillary Clinton to create their own foreign policy and force POTUS to follow along. In my mind this is treasonous. From Egypt, to Lybia, to Ukraine, to Syria the CIA has made decisions and changed  facts on the ground contrary to what Potus said and wanted (thank you President Obama without you resisting them it would of been worse but you should of known not to trust the Clinton gang). So President Elect Trump my advice is to drain Langley first before they drag you into a disastrous foreign policy conflict.

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